What's in a name?

Just outside the ancient city of Segesta in Sicily lies a remarkably well preserved Doric temple built sometime in the late 5th century BC. We view several elements of the Temple of Segesta as a good symbol for our work and a reflection of the ideas that are important to our investment and business principles.


The temple structure is a tangible symbol of the quality of human decision making regarding permanence and durability that were made nearly 2,500 years ago.


Time and again we observe that those who are ignorant of economic and financial history are doomed to repeat it. Further, we believe that interpreting the present with unusual insight and clarity is greatly facilitated by a comprehensive understanding of the past.


Several events in the classical history of Segesta teach us the importance of such things as fidelity, loyalty, the avoidance of conflict, and the dangers of hubris. We believe good decisions are almost exclusively the domain of the peaceful heart and mind, and that we should be warned when they are not.